Our Philosophy

ToInspirebrilliance and
Creativity in the Arts

To Enrich the lives of those around us

ToEducate and Encourage the
youth of today

To Teach our Students to
Achieve higher goals and standards
both on and off the stage.

Welcome to Santa Fe Springs Dance Center. Our goals are to provide your child with an environment that nutures the youth of today as well as creating dancers, performers and artists. Our studio is committed to providing the finest training and dance classes in a wonderful environment, one that fosters confidence and individual accomplishments as well as the artistry and technique a dance education requires.

  • professional teachers
  • 7,000 square foot facility
  • welcoming lobby
  • Studio Store
  • DSP TV
  • help full staff
  • 2 yearly recitals
  • beginning to advanced classes For Ages 3-Adult

We offer classes in the following dance subjects:



Ballet and Pointe

Hip Hop

Lyrical and Contemporary

Turns and Conditioning


Mini Division Classes

Preschool Dance Classes

Competition Teams and More

About us

  • Waterfall3:04

Now celebrating our 35th Year in
dance education
 our goals are to provide a rewarding and caring experience and to meet the needs of any student interested in the performing arts. Great care and individual attention is given in nurturing the abilities of each student to their fullest potential.

“MY KIDS LOVE sfs dance center!”

When Caroline Wagner enrolled her daughter at SFS Dance Center, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Ella LOVED it,” Caroline recalls. “The friends, the fun – she grew so much in a week.” The Wagners have since enrolled their two other daughters at SFS Dance Center, with similar results. “SFS Dance Center rocks!

What We Offer

our philosophy